So what’s going on here?

What a crazy couple of years. I went back to school, got a divorce (not related to school), set this blog and a few others on autopilot.

I don’t like autopilot for this blog.

School is…er…somewhat done.

And I’m taking back my blog.

I don’t guarantee that this blog will be updated frequently, but that most of the posts will be mine.

Ultimately I want to breed marine fish, corals, and invertabret.

At the moment I don’t have anything set up, but my next post will cover what I do have (equipment) and what I’m thinking of doing.

– Jeffery

Welcome To Saltwater FishKeeping

Welcome to my brand spanking new blog (and soon to be forum) on all things related to Saltwater Fish Keeping.  Whether you want to call it a marine tank, saltwater aquarium, whether you keep a reef tank or the good old-fashioned general tank, you are welcome here.

So come on in, join and share in the fun and information exchange.  Do you have a lot of experience?  Did you make a lot of beginner’s mistakes or learn from someone else’s “oopsies”?  Care to share? We welcome your guest blog post.

– Old Salt

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